Investments in Social Enterprises, Community-driven businesses, History, Creative Arts, Visual or Performing Arts, Revival Efforts of a lost Culture, Literature, or even the larger socio-cultural impact programs cannot bring about sudden social changes. However, it can illuminate aspects of our existence left untouched by political and economic practices. Understanding of different cultures brings about an appreciation and respect amongst various communities towards each other. Equipped with such an understanding, we not only prosper economically but also intellectually in a manner that is sensitive and compassionate of the entire humanity. 

Today, Technology Businesses need social thinkers just as much as Social Thinkers need technology businesses.

These thinkers help us understand as well as appreciate social and cultural needs. If understood and harnessed sensitively, these needs give rise to opportunities which in turn give birth to economic fruits.

Empowering a nation internationally at the cost of disempowering certain traditions, cultures, and communities within the nation will eventually give birth to unsustainable societies, civilizations, and economies. Technology can and should act only as a catalyst to drive Social & Cultural Impact that can deliver tangible benefits to mankind.

Our Guiding Philosophy