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We are a part of the Hamburg (Germany) headquartered AIPC Group. Keeping in line with the group's common policies, at AIPC Capital, we do not have a complex hierarchy but rather we are a tightly knit leadership team which continually has conversations with an alliance of investors, foundations, corporations, community builders, platform creators, social thinkers, business leaders, technology activists and social enterprises.

Each of us within the leadership team has been a successful entrepreneur and believes in giving back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Culture and Social impact is the thread that weaves our entire team together. Our diversity offers us a unique multi-angle perspective that helps socio-cultural startups in different countries across the planet.

We are driven by a common goal -  " Co-Create the future of Impact Investment "

Richard Rogers, Advisor - UK
With Over a 25-year career in the music industry Richard has worked with music publishers, record labels & Talent Management. He has worked as a senior exec with the BBC Radio 2, EMAP, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing UK, Transistor Records (Italy), IMP (Sweden) and Creativity Music (Russia) amongst others.
In the past, Richard lectured at the Thames Valley University for the London College of Music & Media. These days Richard spends his time in Europe mentoring socio-cultural enterprises.
Peter Fosso, Advisor - US
American entrepreneur and marketing specialist with a vast experience in the creative industry, Peter has served on the boards of various startups. He is also the Founder of various entrepreneurial groups and forums in the US. He is credited widely for founding the Seattle and Stockholm Entrepreneurs Network. Peter also founded and managed the Microsoft Employees Network. Extremely influential within the creative industry in the US, Mr. Fosso also been associated with the Grammy Awards.
Mario Christiani, Advisor - EU
Mario is the founder, chairman and worldwide managing director of the AIPC group of companies. He serves in executive & non executive positions onboard startups in Europe. He is based out of Hamburg (Germany) loves music, is a water-sports enthusiast and most of all loves all- things-Italian.
Sudhir Shreedharan, Advisor - APAC
A driving force behind the company, Sudhir oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. He has served senior management and strategy positions within the AIPC Group as well as in the creative industry and copyright protection verticals. He is well connected both in the creative as well as in the technology industry. He has been very optimistic about the growth potential of Social Enterprises.
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